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Why Aren’t Snap Scores Updating (why Are Snap Scores Frozen)

The most interesting part of Snapchat is the snap score, so you see why aren’t snap scores updating could be an issue? Snap score is proving evidence of your activity on the snap app and they include: Shared snaps, Received snaps, Added stories e.t.c.

Snapchat scores have always been a reason to compete with each other trying to prove who is better at it. Get yourself an unbeatable Snap score and add up to your collections of trophy cases, but will have to focus on shooting up your snap scores first.


Why Aren’t Snap Scores Updating


Possible reasons why your snap scores aren’t updating could be due to too much server load and lack of maintenance. The lack of update could be due to a delay with your Snapchat servers, try to check your wifi network connection and check all support accounts too.

You should also check for updates and be sure to install the updated and latest version of Snapchat that there is. Uninstall and delete the old Snapchat application then download and install the new and latest version, and then access your account with a strong wifi network.

If you are having issues not seeing a friend’s snap score updating, then you need to be sure you aren’t blocked. You need to be followed too to b able to view a friend’s snap score just that it’s not instantly, it takes up to a week for someone’s snap score update to reflect.


Why is Someone’s Snap Score Not Going Up but They Are Snapping


To experience your snap score not going up but still snapping could probably be an error with Snapchat. Once you see such an error occuring, try refreshing your Snapchat app, or better still you just log out and try after some time.

If it happens to be a friend’s phone, there isn’t really much you can do about the Snapchat score not going up but still snapping. It can take a few hours or probably longer than expected for Snapchat scores to be updated,

Once you are blocked by someone, their snap might not be booting up even while it keeps on snapping. You need to be added or followed back to see the snap scores boosting up while snapping and know that it may last you a week to get your snap score updated.


How to Refresh Someone’s Snapchat Score


To refresh someone’s Snapchat score is a thing that happens automatically each time a user sends or receives a Snap. You need not go about looking for the next button to push after another, each Snapchat account refreshes once a snap is sent or received.

So do check the change in your snap score each time you send or receive a snap or each time you post a snap on your story. Are you monitoring a friend’s Snapchat Score? Know that it will take hours to days or possibly the whole week to get fully updated.


Does Snapchat Score Update Instantly


Your Snapchat score does update instantly every time you send or receive a snap and also every time you post a snap on your story. Know that there are differences; a user’s own snap score updates instantly when a snap is sent or opened.

But when looking at another person’s score, it may take a little longer to update usually a few hours or more. There are a couple of theories on how the Snapchat Score updates, but for most, it takes up to a week before a new score does show up on the active account.

So if you are looking at a friend’s snap score, do not expect to see an instant score change just like it does on yours. A user’s own snap score updates instantly without wasting no time but looking at someone’s snap score will take mostly a week to update.


How Often Does Snapchat Score Update 2022


To know how often a Snapchat score does update in 2022, you should know that it does not have a fixed time. A user’s own snap score updates almost immediately while looking at a friend’s snap score will last you a couple of hours before it gets fully updated.

The refreshing time does vary usually ranging from a few minutes to a couple of hours or probably up to a week. The need to log out of the app and then log in again might arise especially when there happens to be an error that will alter the refreshing time.




Knowing Why Aren’t Snap Scores Updating might be the easiest thing you will ever learn following this guide. It is normal for an app to develop an error you will have to close and reopen the app for it to function effectively.

One of the many reasons why your snap scores won’t update could be a lack of maintenance or possibly server overload. Go through this article and learn more, leave a comment below if you still need help with your snap score not updating.

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