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Something Went Wrong Please Try Again – What To Do

It is frustrating sometimes when you try to download an app from the play store or a web browser and you get the error message “something went wrong please try again later”. This is an error mostly encountered by android phone users. If you are in search of how to fix this error, well you’ve come to the right place.
Many android phone users notice that while trying to open the Play store or another android application such as Mobo Store, IRCTC Rail Connect, Facebook, Instagram, PhonePay, Snapchat, Youtube, etc, they get an error “something went wrong please try again”.

If you want to watch movies on youtube and that time getting this type of error causes a lot of trouble to users. Sometimes it happens that you have got an error in Google’s service, other than that all other apps are running properly. This type of error occurs while opening the apps.


Root Causes of the Error Message


There are probably so many reasons for the “something went wrong please try again” error. But we are going to give you a list of the possible root causes of this problem.

  • Date Time Issue.
  • Temp or Cache file on storage.
  • Permission is not allowed to particular apps.
  • Google login status may be signed out.
  • Google play services will be disabled.
  • Account sync Issue.
  • Restricted Data Usage.
  • Update pending, etc.


Key Solutions to the Error Message

Now that you know some of the causes of the error message, let’s move on to discussing some of the solutions to these problems. In order to fix these problems, we should try checking internet connections, check your phone’s date and time settings to ensure it is correct, clear temp data, and catches data, etc. These solutions are discussed better in other parts of this article.


Check Internet Connection and Try Again

This is a basic step for solving the above error and is the most likely to resolve the issue. Hopefully, if this works you will not have to go through the other complex solutions discussed in this article. It may be that your data or Wi-Fi is turned off. Sometimes this problem can occur if your internet is unstable. You can also fix this problem by checking your network provider APN settings is set correctly in your phone data connection settings. You can call your network provider customer service Hotline for your network APN settings info. Should the problem persist you can go ahead to try the other listed solutions in this article.


Check Your Phone date and Time

This is a very rare chance that the date and time of your phone are not correct. Still reset your phone’s time once. If your network provider time is off then this issue can come. To set a date and time on your phone follow these steps;

  • Navigate to phone Settings and Search date & Time.
  • Tap on ”Date & Time”.
  • If your date & Time is not correct and “network-provided time is off, set time according to network-provided time Turn on Trigger.
  • If your problem still persists then should try solutions number 3.


Clear Temp Data & Cache Files

Short storage and also cache files may be one of the reasons for the error message. It might be your storage is full, or lots of storage of cache and temp files in your phone. Your phone storage or Temp files will be deleted. To delete Temp Data & Cache Files follow these steps;

  • Navigate to Boost Speed.
  • Click on Clean Now.
  • Select Cache files and click on Clean Up.
  • After Cleaning up cache files restart your phone.
  • You can also use a good file manager such as ES file explorer to clear the caches data, using the Apps device maintenance features.


Clear Cache Data of Affected Application

Clear any application cache data is recommended to remove old history from the phone. To remove cache data from any android app follow these steps;

  • Hold on to affected Apps and click on app info.
  • Click on Clear Data.
  • Click on Clear Cache and OK.
  • Restart Your Phone.


Disable/Enable Google Play Services

If you are getting an error “something went wrong please try again”, then might be your Google Play services will stop or hang. Once you disable and then after enabling your Google Play Services. To Disable/Enable Google Play Services follow these steps;

  • Navigate to Phone Settings.
  • Click on Apps.
  • Scroll Down and Tap on “Google Play Services“.
  • Once you tap on Disable/Enable and restart your phone


Remove Restricted Data Usage

Many Users notice that mobile apps such as the Play Store, Youtube, Google Drive are working fine on the Wi-FI network but while trying to use data through mobile data shows an error. Restricted data usage is one of the reasons for it. To remove Restricted data Usage follow these easy steps;

  • Hold on to the App and tap on app Info.
  • Tap on Restricted data usage.
  • Remove the check from Mobile data.
  • Now try again.


Update your App

If you are getting this error on some particular apps, then might be outdated or corrupted apps the reason for the error is “something went wrong please try again”. To update your app on android follow these easy steps;

  • Navigate to Play Store and search the App.
  • Click on Update.
  • After the update verifies your issue.



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Finally, if you’ve gone through this article thoroughly and applied the solutions provided in the article, depending on what the cause of the error message “something went wrong please try again ” is on your phone, one of these solutions is bound to fix the problem.

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