How to Recover Samsung Notes

How to Recover Samsung Notes Very Fast And Easy 2022

How to recover Samsung notes comes in handy if you are a Samsung mobile user and for whatever reason, your Samsung note on Memo gets deleted. The Samsung Notes file is stored in the encrypted root private folder. In fact, if you don’t install a mobile phone, you won’t be able to find the location where the Samsung notes are stored.

There are several reasons for losing Samsung notes such as virus attacks, accidental deletion, switching from an old device, or sometimes loss due to factory reset. But not to worry we are here to guide you on how to recover Samsung notes, irrespective of how you lost them.

Given below is an outline of points to guide you on how to recover Samsung notes when they have been deleted;


What is Samsung Notes?


Before we go on explaining how to recover Samsung notes, let’s first give you a brief explanation of what a Samsung note is. Samsung notes is a memo application that galaxy users can leave messages and messages on their smartphones. The app is pre-installed on the galaxy machine and can also be downloaded from the play store and the galaxy store. Although there are many message software like Evernote and Google keep, I personally use Samsung notes. In the latest update, Samsung notes have added several improved functions, such as canceling the run and rerun buttons in text mode, composing notebooks with labels, and “intelligent search”.

If you want to restore all kinds of lost and deleted notes, photos, voice recordings, and other files in the Samsung memo application, please download the best Samsung Notes Recovery software. This tutorial will recommend a simple and quick way to recover notes deleted from Samsung Galaxy.


Reasons for Samsung Galaxy Note Loss?


You can’t go into knowing how to recover Samsung notes without first knowing some of the reasons for Samsung Galaxy note loss. Some of these reasons include;

Error deletion: This is one of the main reasons why users lose memo files including notes and notes. You can accidentally press the “delete” button.

Format: users may need to format the phone. If someone performs the format option, everything will be removed from the phone.

Virus/multi-function attack: when the mobile phone is infected with a multi-function or virus, the stored data will be damaged, resulting in data loss.

Factory reset: when factory reset is performed on the mobile phone, all items of the machine will be deleted, and only files and applications that can be used when purchasing the mobile phone are available on the mobile phone.

Pay attention when playing with message software, you can permanently delete old notes. In other words, if the app deletes the memo file, the location of the memo file for the app and the phone will disappear.


Recover Deleted Notes on Samsung via Android Data Recovery


At the moment of deleting the file, it is kept in the original position in an invisible state. You cannot search or view directly. The most likely way to recover other Samsung data is to use Android Data Recovery. The program does not back up, which helps to recover Android phone or SD card data.


Therefore, due to virus attack, error deletion, routing error, device stop, parts rupture, and other reasons, Samsung data can be obtained again in a few minutes.

Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Notes from Samsung Galaxy:

  1. Download Android data recovery software free of charge. Run the program after installation. Please select Android data recovery on the interface. Then connect Samsung to the computer via USB cable.
  2. Activate USB debugging mode according to the instructions of the screen. The Android version in use is different. Then click next to continue to resume the Samsung notes no business status.
  3. Software needs to have the right to read Samsung machine data. So choose Samsung. Solve the problem by following the Android root self-study book or installing the root application.
  4. Select all Samsung data for recovery and view it in advance. Only deleted items are allowed to be dragged and dropped to get deleted data. Displays before the file to recover. Finally, click recover to set the data recovery object folder deleted in Samsung Galaxy and other devices.
  5. View and restore deleted notes in advance. Click documents in the left window and view the full size in the registered version. You can click twice. Select the item you want to return to and click recover to save to the computer.


Restore Samsung Notes with Samsung Cloud Account


If you have synchronized your note with Samsung cloud before, you can successfully recover the deleted notes files. Samsung account and password are required. Now delete or restore the lost Samsung notes from here.

  1. Setup application. Scroll down to select account and backup.
  2. Recover the tag data in the Samsung account.
  3. To see all the backup Samsung notes, please select document.
  4. Open the recovery tab and use the Samsung account to recover the notes.
  5. Set up the latest Samsung notes application to maintain Samsung Notes Recovery.


Recover Samsung Galaxy Notes with Samsung Notes App


Recently, when confirming the Samsung notes app, O confirmed the new function of “trash” in the Samsung note app. Well, contact information, gallery, and my file application have the option to open or open the trash can function, but it can’t be used in Samsung notes. Therefore, the method of restoring/recovering deleted memos and notes is as follows.


Note that the deleted note will stay in the recycle bin for 15 days, after which it will be permanently deleted.

  1. Open Samsung notes application.
  2. Three rows of icons are in the upper left corner of the label.
  3. Tap Trash.
  4. The deleted Samsung memo or memo is shown here. Just select Restore in the upper right corner.
  5. The deleted Samsung note will be restored to the Samsung notes application.

That’s all. This is the way to fix the Samsung notes removed from the Samsung Galaxy device. The trash can or trash can be restored to the photos, notes, contact, and files deleted in Samsung applications such as the gallery, my files, contact information, and Samsung note within 15 days.


Backup Your Samsung Notes to PC


Samsung Notes Backup & Restore is a popular Android data manager. With the help of Samsung Backup & Restore, including photos, videos, call records, SMS messages, contact, gallery, SMS, app, documents, etc, the data of Samsung Galaxy can be safely backed up and recovered on the computer.



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To conclude, here in this article we have given you different ways how to recover Samsung notes that have been deleted from our Samsung mobile, feel free to use whichever method is most convenient to you.

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